What’s up with the weather?


Another a beautiful  winter  summer’s day… in August? in Cape Town?

This weather is really strange, Christopher said it was raining “swimming pools” again on  Thursday, on Friday we had snow on Table Mountain (check out this video:http://vimeo.com/27330379 ) and today… well… we heard the bell jingling down the road, ran outside and bought the kids their first ice lolly on a Sunday afternoon from the Ice-Cream Man… they loved it 😉


Have a stunning week!

♥ Jo


2 responses »

  1. You will have to keep “Icecream Money” by the door from now on they know what that bell is for……..

    • I know, its so cute! and he keeps telling everyone he sees that he got a ice lolly! but seriously, why is the ice cream man out in winter! its crazy.

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