The Studio-Study-Craft-Office-And-Occasional-Guest-Room Dilemma


Help, I need a MomCave!

I’ve been seriously frustrated for a while, at the state of my studio-study-craft-office-and-occasional-guest-room (name still to be decided on, so for the sake of simplicity we’ll just call it: The Room).  The space is uninspired, clearly unorganised (!), and as the name suggests, undefined.  Here’s the current state of affairs:

The need to turn The Room into something meaningful, practical and pretty is not only huge but it must also be done NOW-ish.  It’s located literally at my front door, so it’s one the first things people see when entering the house and the last before they leave – No pressure to create a magnificent space, right!?

I’ve spent quite sometime online, looking for ideas and clues on how the Room will turn out.  During my search I came across the Mom Cave ( a comfy space to do my own thing.  Brilliant! No half-eaten Marie biscuits all over my desk,  no Lego pieces strews around and no laundry to take care of. My place, my cave… but still incorporating the need for a studio-study-craft-office-and-occasional-guest-room.

My list of must haves:

  • Desk space for PC
  • Surface for Projects
  • Lots of space for organised Storage
  • Couch/Daybed/Guest bed

So with this in mind, here are some of my favourite spaces:

Love the view, and the chair, and the whole feel of the room! (this might be my favourite)

Again, the view in this one is great, and the colours! (this might also be my favourite)

Love the decor, fabric, feel, colours (favourite)

Space, Space, Space! and great organisation (favourite?)

Organised Space! (not favourite, but great anyway)

Colours, comfy chair!

Now to decided on an actual design and layout of the space….. hmmm, what to do? what to do?

Suggestions and ideas are most welcome! and updates on the progress of redecorating to follow.

♥ Jo


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  1. Love room 1 and 3 : would not go for the windmill room (table under a shelf not always a nice idea for us shorties : had a similiar situation once and was over frustrated in streching on my toes the whole time) looking forward to the before and after pics… I’m a sucker for home make-overs. ‘Ooo and by the way how do you get to post these pics : loved the photies of your kids and their ice lollies.. ¥

    • Thanks Yvonne! You right: high shelves, not cool! thanks for the input (i have that problem in my kitchen). I’ll post the progress as I go, hopefully it won’t take me too long!
      Not sure what photo’s you asking about that I posted? the ones of the rooms? or the kids?Hope you well xx

  2. I suspect that whatever you do to ‘The Room’ is going to look amazing. You have some really good space there. I love the idea of the hanging jars/buckets (two of the rooms above have it)as well as the huge free standing table – always good to have room to walk around your working space. At the moment, my space is an old baby compactum 😦 LOL! Good luck with it.

    • Thanks Loren! i agree the big table to work on and walk around is a winner… might have to make the table myself though… revamping is soooo expensive, need to think of more cost-effective ways of beautifying the space. And I’m so into Procrastination right now, it’s my latest thing 😉 will see how (and when) it turns out x

    • I know, I know! that’s what got me into trouble in the first place… i need a proper storage system, my biggest problem is deciding on the layout of the room? I tend to change my mind every day…

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