Horseshow, Sunshine & Family


On the past public holiday, we made our way to Serenity Equestrian Lifestyle Centre (quite a mouthful) for their Alice in Wonderland themed Show Jumping Event.

Christopher represented his riding school Green Acres in the 1st Class Pole on the Ground event… sooooo exciting! (spot the proud mommy)

 What a beautiful setting, great event and all round wonderful way to spend a stunning morning:


(above) big boy!

(above) big love x

(above) Daddy’s still the best “Horsie”

(above) Green Acres riders waiting their turn

(above) time to saddle up


(above) ready to go…

(above) riding high

(above) one of the “jumps”

(above) proud Daddy


(above) proud Mommy!

(above) Christopher’s Rosette for a “Clear Round” – meaning he didn’t knock over any poles 😉


Another crazy, beautiful and special day as a Parent… I think the sign below sums it up perfectly for me!

♥ Jo



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