Out of Order


We’ve been renovating the bathrooms!

Seriously, in one weekend the decision gets made to do the renovation, and the next thing you know, there are 5 builders & 2 plumbers in a tiny bathroom making a huge mess ūüėČ

I’ve been taking photo’s regularly and will post on the complete Before & After of the Bathroom+MainBedroom+Renovation project. ¬†But for now, I’m (and of course the bathrooms) are:

¬†Bathing the kids at the neighbours (thank goodness for that!) and running outside to the granny flat toilet (in the pouring rain) has been challenging, but the end-result I know will be fantastic… watch this space!

‚ô• Jo


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  1. It is great to “just do it” like Nike, haha. We procrastinate so much these days that we haven’t even moved the rubbish bin…..and thats on WHEEL!!!!

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