Hi, my name is Joanne Johansen and this is a personal journal of our adventures as a family, my lessons as a mother and tales of the home.   I’m a stay-at-home-mom of two precious-spectacular-explosive toddlers Christopher & Sophia.  Married to my brilliant love Bradley, we live in a little house that’s constantly being renovated, in the northern suburbs of beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

Remembering and constantly reminded that time waits for no one and children grow up too quickly; this is also a long-overdue diary of everything from their big milestones to those tiny moments (so many memories already lost), documented for my mother Claire, who lives on the other side of the world in Germany.

I love photography (especially ones with my kids), making lists, fabulous food, DIY, magazines (admittedly addicted to the DIY kind), crafting/organising/decorating, vintage stuff, good ideas… and i love sharing what i love!

Hope you enjoy it!

♥ Jo


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  1. To my Wunderfull, Funny and very Brave daughter. I love you very much and whish I could stay close to you so I could share more of all the Moments you have with my two Grandchildren. The bad and the good aswell as the Big and the Tiny moments. They are grown up and gone so fast, enjoy every secound.


    • Thanks Mommy! Love you lots and Miss you much xx
      I was sooo excited to see your and Nicky’s comment (ask Bradley I was dancing around the house).
      Please can you subscribe to the blog on the homepage at the bottom on the right, then you’ll get the latest posts emailed to you; and forward or “share” posts (there’s a Facebook “share” button at the end of each post) to your FB page any of your friends that you think might like it too!!!

    • Thanks Nicky! amazing is a big word 😉 but hopefully it will get there someday, glad you enjoy it, all these ideas in my head need to get out somehow, so this is a start!
      Much love x

      P.S. you can subscribe to the blog on the home page (bottom right) so you don’t miss out on any posts

    • Thanks Barbs xx I’m waiting for you to start yours: “One-Garage. Three-Girls. Six-Months” would be an awesome blog! Mine is still in early days, will see how & what this will all turn into.

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