The Studio-Study-Craft-Office-And-Occasional-Guest-Room Dilemma


Help, I need a MomCave!

I’ve been seriously frustrated for a while, at the state of my studio-study-craft-office-and-occasional-guest-room (name still to be decided on, so for the sake of simplicity we’ll just call it: The Room).  The space is uninspired, clearly unorganised (!), and as the name suggests, undefined.  Here’s the current state of affairs:

The need to turn The Room into something meaningful, practical and pretty is not only huge but it must also be done NOW-ish.  It’s located literally at my front door, so it’s one the first things people see when entering the house and the last before they leave – No pressure to create a magnificent space, right!?

I’ve spent quite sometime online, looking for ideas and clues on how the Room will turn out.  During my search I came across the Mom Cave ( a comfy space to do my own thing.  Brilliant! No half-eaten Marie biscuits all over my desk,  no Lego pieces strews around and no laundry to take care of. My place, my cave… but still incorporating the need for a studio-study-craft-office-and-occasional-guest-room.

My list of must haves:

  • Desk space for PC
  • Surface for Projects
  • Lots of space for organised Storage
  • Couch/Daybed/Guest bed

So with this in mind, here are some of my favourite spaces:

Love the view, and the chair, and the whole feel of the room! (this might be my favourite)

Again, the view in this one is great, and the colours! (this might also be my favourite)

Love the decor, fabric, feel, colours (favourite)

Space, Space, Space! and great organisation (favourite?)

Organised Space! (not favourite, but great anyway)

Colours, comfy chair!

Now to decided on an actual design and layout of the space….. hmmm, what to do? what to do?

Suggestions and ideas are most welcome! and updates on the progress of redecorating to follow.

♥ Jo


What’s up with the weather?


Another a beautiful  winter  summer’s day… in August? in Cape Town?

This weather is really strange, Christopher said it was raining “swimming pools” again on  Thursday, on Friday we had snow on Table Mountain (check out this video: ) and today… well… we heard the bell jingling down the road, ran outside and bought the kids their first ice lolly on a Sunday afternoon from the Ice-Cream Man… they loved it 😉


Have a stunning week!

♥ Jo

Finding Friday Fabulous


Finding Friday Fabulous is my new place to share fabulous finds on, well, a Friday!

So just in time for the long weekend (with an almost-holiday on Monday) and a real holiday (Woman’s day) on Tuesday, my Fabulous Friday Find is: DREAMS! (yeah, you know you got them)… here are some inspirational quotes and signs about dreams, life and magic:

Happy Weekend All!

♥ Jo


Nap Time


I love nap time!

It’s a space and place where everything calms down for a bit and I get to hit the reboot button.  When first becoming a mom, I spent much of my time trying to coordinate nap schedules:

Get Christopher to nap so I can nap/Get Christopher to nap so I can work/Get Christopher to nap so I can clean

Then Sophia was born:

Get Christopher to nap so I can feed Sophia/Get Sophia to nap so I can spend time with Christopher… then the difficult one… Get both of them to nap at the same time, so i can regain some sanity!  I had it down to a fine art, both of them would take a nap after lunch (well actually the “fine art” is me driving them around in the car until they fall asleep).

Then, quite recently, Christopher decided he didn’t need naps anymore… eeeeek! “Mommy, I a big boy now, I no need sleep”.  I still get him to take a nap on some days depending on what he did during the morning or if he’s ill, but soon I’ll have to make peace with no more naps… and a lot more entertaining to do (more on that in another post)

Some memories of my napping angels:

One of Christopher’s first naps!

Lazy Sunday Afternoon Nap with Christopher (8 months)

Pooped  after a playdate

One of Sophia’s first naps

Too precious!


Happy napping!



The Beginning


Finally! I started.

There’s something liberating about just doing it, closing your eyes and jumping straight into the deep end. I’ve always been talking, dreaming and thinking about my own blog, and today I started. (YAY ME!)

I’m not quite sure yet how this beast will be tamed, and what it will turn out to be… my mind is overflowing with ideas and inspirations.  Unfortunately it’s also overflowing with a head cold, blocked nose and drowsiness, so the next installment will have to wait – first it’s nap time while the kids are still at playgroup!

♥ Jo

celebrating the start