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Finding Fabulous Friday: Pixlr-o-Matic (who needs an iPhone;)


I know, I know… i’s been a while.

So, I’ve been struggling with the idea of changing blogging platforms from WordPress to Blogger.  An internal battle with many pro’s and con’s either way… it would mean that I’d have to start all over again.  Think it might be worth it though!?

So much happening… STILL RENOVATING! … will publish a monster post when its done.  Was off sick (again!) with what I believe was my very first Migraine Headache… OUCH! and have run out of disk space on my PC, which means that I have to offload almost a zillion photos from my computer onto my external hard drive AND create extra back-ups…. this is a painstakingly long task.

In this whole process, I’ve also changed my web-browser to Google Chrome (giving Opera a break for a while), there I stumbled upon an  App for Pixlr.com, this in turn lead me to Pixlr-O-Matic… which is my Finding Friday Fabulous! What a fantastic tool that can be downloaded onto your PC as well! Love it! Check out my latest creations:

(above) Just another Saturday night at the Johansen’s…

(above) best friends!

 (above) Happiness is…

 (above) Beauty is…

 (above) Love is…

The last picture is one of our engagement shots from a lifetime ago and the one with Chris on the bike is when he rode it for the first time by himself… such great memories!

So next time we meet, it might be on a my new blog, I’ll keep everyone updated on the move.

For now… Happy Friday Everyone!


Finding Fabulous Friday: Beautiful Places


A quick one… just in time for another rainy Weekend…beautiful places!

(the one above makes me look forward to spending Christmas in Germany with my Family!)

 Happy Friday Everyone!

♥ Jo

(this sign below inspires and reminds me why we’re doing the bathroom renovation, and every other chore around the house)

Finding Fabulous Friday: Namaste and Hello


I’ve started exercising.

I know right? the whole thing is bit unbelievable, but… believe it… I’ve been exercising for TWO months straight already.

First thanks goes to the wonderful Yoga instructor at Planet Fitness Plattekloof on a Wednesday morning, I literally walk out of there feeling like I’ve had a full body massage, with renewed energy and motivation.  But I’m not new to Yoga, just rediscovered it and all it’s greatness… Secondly, I have to thank the brilliant Pilates instructor on a Fridays, this morning I had my 4th Pilates class (mat work only) and I’m hooked! (Although the feeling isn’t so much of massage I must admit)

I still feel a bit clumsy, and have a long way to go to get this two-baby-mommy-tummy back in shape, but I’ve realised that no amount of spinning hell, treadmill machine or step class will ever get me to go back again and again…

So my Finding Fabulous Friday is dedicated to Yoga & Pilates… my new obsession (3 times a week for an hour on  Mon, Wed and Fri)

Happy Weekend Everyone!

♥ Jo


Finding Fabulous Friday: Butlers and Blackmail


Finally, after a very exhausting & confusing week, with a “Monday” on a Wednesday, a “Sunday” on a Tuesday, sunshine on a Thursday and rain (finally) on a Friday… I’m ready to wrap up this week and look forward to a relaxing weekend… ok, ok, I know this an impossibility (I can actually hear your snickering) but it’s nice to dream anyway.

This rollercoaster of a week has seen me waking up at the crack of dawn to get to the Woolies preview sale to rummage through neat rows of freshly packed shelves searching for new clothes for the kids, jet off to the horseshow, stop by the Garden Centre to look for more bargains, clean house/sort out study, look for missing Birth Certificates & Tax Papers (yikes!), join in on a double babyshower and coffee with the Girls this morning.

Which brings me to my activity last night, which is also my Finding Fabulous Friday for today: Butlers & Blackmail. On an outing with my nextdoor neighbour and another friend we went on a girls night out to watch this hilarious show.  Voted as the No. 1 Audience participation show at this year’s National Arts Festival, it’s a murder-mystery comedy about a “BEE Butler”, the fourth installement of the series by Justin Wilkinson.  It’s only on for three nights 11,12,13 August at the Artscape Arena – so if you looking for something to do tonight or tomorrow night (not sure if there’s still tickets though.. but check through computicket)… if you do go, make sure to get there early to enjoy the complimentary pizza by their main sponsors Butlers!


Wishing everyone a HAPPY and warm FRIDAY!

♥ Jo

The Studio-Study-Craft-Office-And-Occasional-Guest-Room Dilemma


Help, I need a MomCave!

I’ve been seriously frustrated for a while, at the state of my studio-study-craft-office-and-occasional-guest-room (name still to be decided on, so for the sake of simplicity we’ll just call it: The Room).  The space is uninspired, clearly unorganised (!), and as the name suggests, undefined.  Here’s the current state of affairs:

The need to turn The Room into something meaningful, practical and pretty is not only huge but it must also be done NOW-ish.  It’s located literally at my front door, so it’s one the first things people see when entering the house and the last before they leave – No pressure to create a magnificent space, right!?

I’ve spent quite sometime online, looking for ideas and clues on how the Room will turn out.  During my search I came across the Mom Cave (http://www.homegoods.com/momcave/) a comfy space to do my own thing.  Brilliant! No half-eaten Marie biscuits all over my desk,  no Lego pieces strews around and no laundry to take care of. My place, my cave… but still incorporating the need for a studio-study-craft-office-and-occasional-guest-room.

My list of must haves:

  • Desk space for PC
  • Surface for Projects
  • Lots of space for organised Storage
  • Couch/Daybed/Guest bed

So with this in mind, here are some of my favourite spaces:

Love the view, and the chair, and the whole feel of the room! (this might be my favourite)

Again, the view in this one is great, and the colours! (this might also be my favourite)

Love the decor, fabric, feel, colours (favourite)

Space, Space, Space! and great organisation (favourite?)

Organised Space! (not favourite, but great anyway)

Colours, comfy chair!

Now to decided on an actual design and layout of the space….. hmmm, what to do? what to do?

Suggestions and ideas are most welcome! and updates on the progress of redecorating to follow.

♥ Jo

Finding Friday Fabulous


Finding Friday Fabulous is my new place to share fabulous finds on, well, a Friday!

So just in time for the long weekend (with an almost-holiday on Monday) and a real holiday (Woman’s day) on Tuesday, my Fabulous Friday Find is: DREAMS! (yeah, you know you got them)… here are some inspirational quotes and signs about dreams, life and magic:

Happy Weekend All!

♥ Jo