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Finding Fabulous Friday: Namaste and Hello


I’ve started exercising.

I know right? the whole thing is bit unbelievable, but… believe it… I’ve been exercising for TWO months straight already.

First thanks goes to the wonderful Yoga instructor at Planet Fitness Plattekloof on a Wednesday morning, I literally walk out of there feeling like I’ve had a full body massage, with renewed energy and motivation.  But I’m not new to Yoga, just rediscovered it and all it’s greatness… Secondly, I have to thank the brilliant Pilates instructor on a Fridays, this morning I had my 4th Pilates class (mat work only) and I’m hooked! (Although the feeling isn’t so much of massage I must admit)

I still feel a bit clumsy, and have a long way to go to get this two-baby-mommy-tummy back in shape, but I’ve realised that no amount of spinning hell, treadmill machine or step class will ever get me to go back again and again…

So my Finding Fabulous Friday is dedicated to Yoga & Pilates… my new obsession (3 times a week for an hour on  Mon, Wed and Fri)

Happy Weekend Everyone!

♥ Jo